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Educating with Purpose

Dr. Courtney Tolson, a native of Houston, Texas, presently serves as a middle school science educator in the metropolitan Atlanta area. With extensive experience in the field of education, Dr. Tolson has demonstrated her natural leadership abilities in various educational capacities.

Her educational journey commenced at Alabama State University, where she pursued a major in health education. During this time, Dr. Tolson engaged in a teacher preparation program that afforded her the opportunity to observe and learn from K-12 classroom teachers.

Having taught students in both Georgia and Florida, Dr. Tolson possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized populations. She is a staunch advocate for educational equity across various dimensions, including assessment, discipline, resource allocation, and teacher support. Dr. Tolson specializes in delivering high-impact lessons utilizing the 5E rotational model and takes pride in leading teams of teachers to enhance their pedagogical skills.

Dr. Tolson's rich background includes conducting professional development trainings, creating district-adopted curriculum materials, managing federally funded programs, and leading professional workgroups as a department chair. She is particularly adept at integrating technology into the classroom, with a focus on platforms such as Google and others to streamline teaching processes.

Prior to her role as a classroom teacher, Dr. Tolson garnered experience in data analysis and collection methods through her work in public health. Her roles included program evaluation and serving as a communicable disease intervention specialist, where she provided health education and conducted sexually transmitted infection contact tracing in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

In her commitment to advancing educational practices, Dr. Tolson founded Kreative Science. This initiative aims to provide curriculum support resources to educational professionals, promote equity in education for all students, and offer contract services.

Distinguished Skills:

  • Science curriculum content design

  • Educational content curation

  • Professional development

  • Program design


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