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What should I ask my child's teacher?

Summer is officially over! Here are some tips & pertinent questions that you can ask your child’s teacher during open house/meet the teacher.

Remember, parents you are a partner in your child’s education. Teachers can’t do it alone. Save yourself frustration & time by being proactive from day 1. We all have work to do!

1: Communication is SO important. Please make sure that your contact info is accurate. Teachers do not reach out unless it is important.

2: Classroom supplies are needed beyond K-5! Continue to help in middle & high school. Resources are limited.

3: Students are assessed, assessed, & assessed again in ALL classes. Find out how & when this will happen.

4: Ask about study resources!

5 & 6: Inquire about grading apps. Parents, you CAN view your child’s grades! Download those apps BEFORE the end of the grading period.

Be vocal about your child’s needs. Especially if they receive an accommodation. Make sure the teacher is aware if your child receives special services such as small group testing, read aloud, or opportunities for corrections. These things are outlined in the student’s IEP/504, but it doesn’t hurt to let the teacher know that you’re aware of what your child is entitled to.

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