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New Year, New Attitude

I am nervous and excited about this new semester of school. As I enjoy my Christmas break, I can't help but think about the unknown once school starts next week. How many students will return for face to face instruction? Will there be new protocols for Covid? Are new district created curriculum materials being created to support teachers?

I feel like this year stretched me like never before! I've done the job of two teachers at once. I'm a mother, tending to the needs of my elementary aged child, making sure that all of her assignments are complete. I have a two year old who's definitely entered the terrible two phase. I'm a doctoral candidate completing the last portion of my program. Although I normally rely on my previously established rhythm of teaching, I felt like I was off beat this school year and didn't quite make the mark. I'm exhausted....

However, as they say, "the show must go on". Children deserve a quality education, however that looks. After all of my experiences last semester delving into the unknown, I developed a new mantra for the spring semester, "quality over quantity". I can't stress over aspects of teaching that I can't control. Whether it is decisions to close or not to close, parents who make excuses for their child's lack of participation, or what I think should be provided to me as a teacher, I can only worry about what I can control- my attitude.

So going forward I'm focused on creating high impact, quality lessons that address the needs of all learners. I plan on restructuring how I give homework. Because the reality is that most students aren't doing it. I will look at new ways of creating small groups through Google Meet. I want my students to interact more than what they did last semester. Students are burned out too, and I want to support them the best that I can.

I said all of this to say that I cannot carry the burden of stressing over things I cannot control. Teaching is my passion. Helping teachers through collaborative efforts is my passion. Therefore, I must focus on what I can do to ensure that my flame doesn't burn out.

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